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Fortune 150 consumer packaged goods company

Software eradicates manual processes and streamlines operations for Fortune 150 company

Altius has continued to help business globally with their supplier compliance, following the work the Altius team have been doing alongside a Fortune 150 consumer packaged goods company, based in the USA.

The Challenge

The company was looking for a systematic solution to replace existing manual processes for managing service supplier compliance. They were looking for a solution that was flexible enough to be tailored to meet their needs while avoiding the pitfalls of a custom solution.

The Solution

On completion of an extensive assessment into their existing supplier compliance process, it became increasingly clear that the use of spreadsheets, emails, and paper notes were effective but inefficient. It was also becoming impractical and too dependent on individual diligence to do a thorough job.

The Results

To streamline their internal processes, Altius offered a demonstration of the supplier compliance software, Exigo. Exigo was designed by the Altius team to aid clients as they manage compliance across their supply chain while providing a real-time and collaborative solution that will scale with their business.

After reviewing other available systems, the US-based company chose Altius’ system due to the benefits to their internal supplier managers and its efficient triggered system, which once set-up, requires minimal manual input, unlike other systems.


This has been a hugely successful implementation for both Altius and the client. The company’s Supplier Manager said on Exigo and the support from Altius,

“With this system, we have, for the first time ever, a real-time holistic view of the compliance status of our service supplier base.”

“In addition, it clearly communicates to both our suppliers and ourselves, exactly what the compliance requirements are, when they are required to be completed and the status (complete/incomplete) of each individual requirement.”


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