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Does your current supply chain compliance system provide you with the full control, flexibility and transparency that you need?

Exigo, Altius’ supplier management software can help your business manage compliance across your supply chain, providing a real-time collaborative solution that scales with your business.

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The cloud-based software solution from Altius also provides:

Automated Processes and Workflows

All processes and workflows in the system are fully automated with email and actions alerting users to what needs to be done and when. If the necessary actions aren’t taken, automatic escalation ensures that nothing is missed.

Real-Time Status Tracking and Reporting

Exigo provides an always current view of your supplier’s status so that you can see at a glance where your issues and risks lie. This means you’re aware of potential problems before they happen, so you can deal with them efficiently.

Library of Ready Made Templates

An extensive library of templates provides a solid starting point to get you up and running quickly and easily. Templates available include Health and Safety, CSR, Anti-Corruption and Bribery, Information Security and many more.


  • Control – Unlike spreadsheets, Exigo allows you to formulate your company’s requirements and convey these quickly and easily to your suppliers.
  • Efficiency – Exigo releases you from the day-to-day managing of supplier compliance, allowing you to concentrate your efforts where they are really needed.
  • Transparency – Exigo allows you and your suppliers to work collaboratively, ensuring mutual understanding of what is required at all times.
  • Visibility – Exigo software provides a real-time view of compliance, enabling you to check the current and past status of any supplier at any time.
  • Protection – Exigo tracks everything automatically with a built-in audit trail, so you can retrieve the exact status of a supplier from any previous point in time.

Other features

Customisable compliance frameworks

Exigo allows you to model your own compliance framework and workflows, either by adapting existing templates and processes or creating new ones using the built-in configuration tools.

Automated report generation

Advanced report design features allow the creation of scheduled reports,  which help to keep team members and management abreast of developments.

Document control and versioning

Document management is included as standard and provides central repository for all your and your supplier’s documentation. The time-machine feature allows you to see all pass documentation. The system automatically informs your suppliers and internal staff when their documents need updating so information should never be out of date.

Cloud-based solution

Exigo is cloud-based, which means there’s no hardware, no software and no installation. Our set-up team will take care of getting your platform up and running. Your Exigo will be automatically updated to run the latest version.

In-built audit trail

Exigo automatically records all activities and changes to information, meaning you can retrieve them at the touch of a button should you need to.

Enterprise integration

Exigo can be integrated with any of your existing enterprise systems so you can be sure that you’re looking at the complete picture based on information from across your business.

Data exportation

You’re likely to want to extract data and insert into other tools for analysis, email it or just print it out. That’s why we provide tools for exporting data to a wide range of formats.

Altius services integration

Integrate the Altius assessment and on-boarding service seamlessly, allowing you to make use of expertise that you may not have in-house.

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