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Facilities management specialist MML

Tailored assessment allows facility management specialists to save valuable operational time

Maintenance Management Ltd (MML) is a facilities management specialists whose clients include John Lewis, Waitrose and Celesio. MML provide an outsourced hard and soft facilities management service on behalf of major national retailers.

This case study explores how MML identified Altius as a partner to provide an evidence-based online system for checking and managing the competences of suppliers – and to improve their time-consuming in-house process.

The Challenge

MML approached Altius to replace their robust but very time-consuming process that they were completing internally.

Despite the thoroughness of their actions, a number of different databases and spreadsheets made their processes confusing and difficult to manage.

The Solution

Based on our existing Altius Assure Assessment, and working in partnership with MML, we created a tailored assessment and managed the process of transferring contractors to the new system.

We also created a cut-down assessment for MML’s lower risk suppliers for ease and speed of questionnaire return.

The Results

The result of Altius’ work was that more than 80% of suppliers that registered achieved compliance by MML’s deadline – with Altius continuing to work with the remainder to achieve compliance, as well as help identify new suppliers should MML choose to switch.


Janet Rooth, MML procurement specialist said

“Altius applies the same robust approach to analysing and minimising risk, but it also offers comprehensive commercial checks. When entering into long-term contracts with suppliers, it’s critical to know whether they are in strong financial health. Altius looked in depth at a range of commercial factors and constantly monitors contractors’ finances to provide the necessary assurances.”

“We looked at a number of assessment providers, but Altius stood out because of the breadth of areas that they assess and monitor. The wider Altius Assured Vendors network is very useful for identifying new suppliers in areas where we have gaps.”

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