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What impact ‘retailtainment’ in 2020 will have on a retail FM

Retailtainment in 2020 What impact will it have on a retail FM

As online retail spend continues to increase, high street retailers are under pressure to create physical spaces that are there to entertain, as well as sell. Traditional retail footprints are being challenged by pop-up stores that, according to Fung Global Retail & Technology, give brands “complete creative control of the brand experience and how their messaging is communicated to consumers”.


Rise of ‘retailtainment’

Consumers will be eager to be inspired to purchase products in store, even if they decide to buy online instead. Retailers will be actively seeking competent suppliers that can create eye-catching displays and entertainment at peak shopping hours.


‘Phygital’ retail spaces

Physical retail spaces are set to include more digital capabilities, creating ‘phygital spaces’. These spaces are expected to include more touch-screen interfaces for greater product customisation, and could be extended as far as restaurant customers ordering their food on devices.

One example of a company that has done just that is J D Wetherspoon with the introduction of their Order & Pay app. Now available at each of their pubs across the UK, the app allows anyone with either an iPhone or Android phone to order food and drink to their table, without leaving their seat.

This connectivity and the devices required would need strong technology suppliers that can deliver a simple and secure solution.


What’s the impact on me?

With more emphasis on entertaining and interactive retail spaces, supply chain professionals need to be confident that their contractors can offer the solutions they need whilst remaining fully up to date with the latest rules and regulations that are ever evolving. This is crucial to offer businesses the assurance that every person that steps foot on their premises is fully competent and compliant.

Professionals will also need to ensure that all suppliers are aware and understand the policies and rules of working with their brand. This management of supplier knowledge and capability is something that Altius can help with as part of their Managed Service.


More insights

For more insight into future retail trends, and how they’re set to affect every retail FM, download your copy of Retail 2020: A future insight of trends that will affect facility and property management.

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