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The importance of supplier compliance and accreditation

It’s not just the end-users that want clarity from suppliers and contractors.

Many reports, including our own future insight into the retail industry in 2020, claim that end-users are growing more concerned than ever about transparency with the products they are buying.

It is essential for brands at the top of the supply chain too, that they can trust suppliers and contractors. This trust starts by suppliers being able to prove accreditation to stringent health, safety and regulation guidelines.


Can you prove to be trustworthy?

When appraising suppliers, brands may take into account some, if not all, of Dr Ray Carter’s ‘10 Cs of Supplier Evaluation’. When taking supplier compliance into account, clients may consider their:

  • Competency: Does the supplier have the ability to deliver the required products?
  • Capacity: Does the supplier have the equipment, human resources and materials to provide the required products?
  • Commitment: Does the supplier have the commitment to maintain suitable quality performance?
  • Control: Is the supplier in control of their policies and procedures?
  • Consistency: Does the supplier deliver a consistent product?
  • Cleanliness: Does the supplier have a sustainability policy?


Introducing the Altius Supplier Network

Consistent monitoring of internal processes is essential, but it is difficult for suppliers to stay on top of everything, especially when trying to assure client satisfaction at all times.

As one of the most highly-respected accreditations available, the Altius supplier network is used by thousands of suppliers and has consistently provided 90% of suppliers with their assessment report within two working days.

Here’s a snapshot of the Altius Supplier Network…

What makes Altius different?

Altius work on a ‘live profile’ system which allows consistent compliance throughout the year. This innovative approach helps members to keep fully up to date with their own compliance, which reduces their annual burden.

Clients choose to work with the Altius suppliers because they trust the information is consistently monitored and up to date, something that similar schemes can not offer. Clients within a range of industries have spoken about the many benefits of the Altius live profile system, as well as the customer service we have been able to deliver to improve their supplier compliance.

“With this system, we have, for the first time ever, a real-time holistic view of the compliance status of our service supplier base,” said the supplier manager of a Fortune 150 consumer packaged goods company.

A world-leading advertising agency in the US also said: “Altius has helped us create efficiencies in the way we assess the security and compliance of our suppliers. By utilising the Altius portal we can create automated touch points with our suppliers, as well as generating reports, as needed, on various data points.”

Testimonials such as these demonstrate the importance of having a system that enables suppliers and clients to keep reporting and communication watertight, a clear advantage of joining the Altius Supplier Network.

To learn more about the Altius Supplier Network, take a look at our dedicated page.


Best practice guide to supply chain compliance now available as a free download.