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Press Release: Altius join forces with RSSB to deliver improved RISQS

Altius and Capita are excited to announce that they will be joining forces with RSSB to deliver an improved railway industry supplier qualification service (RISQS) through a phased integration period over the coming months.

RSSB provides the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (‘RISQS’), the pre-qualification service which gives the industry’s 118 buyers – including Transport for London and Network Rail – the risk assurance that enables them to do business in confidence with 4,300 suppliers. RISQS is governed by an industry board which is ultimately responsible for overseeing and appointing the service providers for the scheme.

The evolution of the RISQS scheme from its current status as a concession to a contract, managed by RSSB on behalf of the industry, will deliver enhanced benefits to all members of the scheme. Working with RSSB, Altius and Capita will provide a new easy to use platform with more functionality and the capability to respond more quickly to changes in industry requirements, and deliver better integration with buyer and supplier systems

Cutting edge IT and compliance service provider Altius was founded in 2007 by its current directors to provide significant benefits to clients with, or working in, supply chains.  With their extensive experience within the rail industry and a proven track record of using modern information technology to deliver valuable benefits to both buyers and suppliers, Altius are a great partner to business process management specialist Capita.

With the support of key players Network Rail and Transport for London, Altius Ltd will be the front end of the RISQS service with their IT platform and verification services, whilst Capita will take on audit responsibilities to provide a continued and seamless integration from the current service to support buyers and suppliers moving forward.

Welcome to the improved RISQS Supplier Qualification Service, the only recognised scheme owned and working for the rail industry.

Best practice guide to supply chain compliance now available as a free download.