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Introducing Exigo Essentials: The smart contractor management software

If you manage suppliers and contractors, you’ll be aware of just how time-consuming this task can be. Using spreadsheets and email is one way of managing contractors but wouldn’t it be easier if there was a system that automatically emailed your contractors, allowed contractors to manage their compliance profile online and provided you with reports at the push of a button?

Now is the time to stop looking – and no, it isn’t too good to be true. Introducing, Altius Exigo Essentials, the smarter contractor management software that helps to manage your suppliers and contractors online.

Don’t believe us? Watch this:


Exigo Essentials is a web-based solution for businesses wanting to ensure their suppliers are safe, certified and fully compliant. Designed for businesses with 10 – 10,000 suppliers, Exigo Essentials is the smart way avoid introducing risk into your business.

Automated processes and workflows

All processes and workflows within Altius Exigo Essentials are fully automated and will email contractors when they need to take any action, and include details of what needs to be done and when it must be completed. In the case that no action is taken, the alerts to you will be escalated to ensure that nothing is ever missed.

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Real-time status tracking and reporting

Altius Exigo provides a current view of your supplier’s status so that you can see at a glance where any of your risks or potential issues lie – giving you the ability to act on problems before they happen. The advanced report design feature in Exigo Essentials allows the creation of scheduled report deliveries, which helps to keep the desired team members in the know with any developments regarding your suppliers.

Document control and versioning

Document management is included as standard as part of the Altius Exigo software. It provides you with one place where you can see all of yours, and your supplier’s, past and present documentation. The system will also inform your suppliers and internal staff members automatically when any documentation needs to be updated – which ensures that nothing on your system is ever out of date.

Ready-made templates

This cloud-based software provides you with an extensive library of contractor compliance templates, so you will have everything that you need to get up and running, quickly and easily. The templates that are included are anything from Health and Safety to Anti-Corruption and Bribery. No matter what your business needs, there will be a template for you.

Built-in expertise

Through the Exigo Essentials platform, you can access the Altius supply chain compliance knowledge and expertise we have built up over two decades. Our knowledge of industry regulations, compliance standards, procurement processes and risk management is built-in to every feature of the Exigo Essentials platform, so you spend more time working with your suppliers and less time focusing on contractor compliance management.

The next steps…

Do you like the sound of Altius Exigo Essentials? Sign up to our webinar below and watch a full software demo of Exigo Essentials. Or, if you don’t want to wait, get in touch with us today, and one of our compliance experts will contact you shortly.


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