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All-in-one social housing PQQ checklist launched by Altius

Between PAS 91 and the Government’s Public Contracts Regulations 2015, PQQ templates for housing associations have become standardised throughout the industry. Gathering mandatory information has been simplified, especially with the support from online procurement organisations to screen contractors and suppliers in the first place.

However, despite the assistance from the Government on PQQ best practice, this mandatory information is sometimes not enough for procurement, contracts and health and safety managers in the industry.

The use of adapted PQQs or bespoke contractor questionnaires is now common place within the industry, particularly during a due diligence process with new contractors. To help you define a PQQ template that retrieves all of the relevant data needed to meet your specific company requirements, here at Altius we’ve created a checklist to give guidance on developing your own bespoke version.

Introducing the checklist

The All-in-one PQQ Checklist for Housing Associations covers both the basic information you must have on a PQQ, plus key additional information, for example; CRB checks, Modern Slavery, working with vulnerable adults, and health and safety details.

The free and downloadable checklist also include tips on implementing a new PQQ into your current contractor management process, focussing on:

The PQQ process

If you’re currently reviewing your PQQ process, then the idea of doing this in-house or to outsource has probably crossed your mind. The checklist will help you assess your current operations and whether you are best to handle this internally, or outsource if you lack time and expertise.

PQQ collection

Manual collection by posted physical copies, or emailed word documents is certainly easy to set-up, however, postage and compatibility problems mean that this manual way of collecting PQQs and managing contractors is somewhat flawed. Likewise, some software solutions can be too basic on not offer a full solution to meet your internal requirements. The checklist looks at both alternatives, and assesses what is right for you.

Ongoing contractor assessment

Following the introduction of a new PQQ, how are you going to maintain, audit and assess contractors to ensure they are still eligible to work with you? This section of the checklist will look at how a new process, whether it be done in-house or outsourced, can help to not only ensure contractor compliance, but also raise quality within the contractor’s work too.

Download the checklist

To get your hands on a copy of the All-in-one PQQ Checklist for Housing Associations, and see how you can begin to implement the right PQQ into your contractor management system, click here.

Download the all-in-one PQQ checklist for Housing Associations

Best practice guide to supply chain compliance now available as a free download.